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Get ongoing monthly support

Legal Subscription

Perfect for start-up and growth stage businesses, our monthly legal subscriptions keep your business needs front of mind on an ongoing basis. With a minimum 3-month commitment, a legal subscription allows us to work intimately with you and your team on long-term business-legal goals.

Start With a Strong Foundation

Business Formation

When it comes to business formation, we are dedicated to helping you set up your business up properly from the very beginning: from registering your business with the right entity form, to getting your Federal EIN, to figuring out what licenses and permits you might need to run your business.

Grow & Scale Your Business

Business Legal Strategy

Sometimes when you start a new business, you become so focused on one project or income stream that you can’t see the forest for the trees—the universe of opportunity is often bigger than you expect.

The goal of our five-hour Business Legal Strategy session is to clarify your business vision, identify your objective, and outline a strategy for the future.

In this short amount of time, not only will you walk away with a clear business strategy, you will walk away with an understanding of the legal tools required to leverage and maximize the business assets you are about to create to unlock new opportunities.

Protect Your IP


Our Trademark Services are available in two packages. The first package provides clarity and confidence that you brand is free and available for trademarking and that you haven’t been infringing on someone else’s brand. The second package lets you take control of your brand’s future by filing a trademark application tailored for success.

Get it in Writing


When it comes to our contract drafting and reviewing services, we are dedicated to equipping you with air-tight contracts. Contract drafting ensures that every word, sentence, and paragraph is intentionally crafted to support the contract’s legality and interpretation. Contract review is the process of thoroughly reading and understanding a contract before agreeing to its terms. We take a holistic approach to getting you prepared for success.

Are you ready to protect, build, and scale your business with confidence?

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