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Our fees are straightforward so you can make critical decisions about your business.

Get clear on your investment

Predictable Legal Fees

Instead of surprise bills that include 1 minute phone calls, and quick emails, you get straight forward flat fees, or project-based pricing for your legal needs.  Each service has a clear scope of work that you agree to and after that there are no surprise fees or costs. 

This way you can accurately budget legal costs for your restructuring, brand protection, or US entry strategy. 


Flat Fees

Most in the legal field are used to billable hours that may fluctuate depending on how many questions you might have, the research you may need to make informed decisions, or alternative options when things don’t work out. 

While we cannot account for everything in the legal process, we can estimate most things. That is why we provide you with a clear scope of work, the steps it will take to get you from where you are to a solution you want. Then based on our experience, we build in the emails, phone calls, and research, it will need to support that out come. 

When you combine that, we present you a clear quote for the legal work that needs to be done and you can make an educated decision on how to move forward for your business.

Grow & Scale with confidence

Project-Based Pricing

Often times our clients come to us with one problem, but after discussing the matter further we realize that the solution will take more than one legal solution. This is where project-based pricing comes in. 

Maybe you are looking to restructure a business which may involve filing for new business formations, drafting or modifying existing agreements, negotiating new agreements, or updating various agencies and stakeholders through mandatory filings pricing the entire project as a whole provides additional cost-savings as well as transparency around your legal costs. 

If you think that you have a complex project that requires significant legal support, our project-based pricing is a wonderful way to ensure you have the support you need at a predictable and cost-effective manner. 


A Modern Payment System

You don’t need to write a check or come down to the office to review your bill or issue payment. With our technology first approach, you can access your invoices through your client portal whenever you need to, from wherever you are. 

Receive instant notification of new invoices straight to your email. Then, when you are ready to issue payment, process your payment from the comfort of your home or office.

With our paperless billing and digital payment systems, we are a modern law firm for the modern business person. 

Are you ready to protect, build, and scale your business with confidence?

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